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WHAT IS PETRO BUSTER? Designed to be an Eco Friendly Petroleum Remediation product that also acts as a great Eco Degreaser. It can deal with Petroleum Environmental issues ranging from removing an Oil Stain from your Driveway, to being used as a Remediation product and completely removing Petroleum Leaks and Spills from the Ground and Water.

WHETHER YOU JUST NEED THE QUICK SPRAY BOTTLE OR THE LARGER PAILS for more serious cleanups and spills. Petro Buster is the Best and Most Environmental Friendly Way of dealing with Motor Oil, Diesel, Furnace Oil, Heating Oil, Gasoline leaks and spills.

PETRO BUSTER IS A CLEANING PRODUCT WITH ENZYMES & MICROBES It doesn’t just clean hydrocarbon based pollution, it removes it completely from the environment by ingesting it and converting it to Water, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide. It is a surfactant ie: soap base that also acts as a dispersant to help thin the density of a petroleum plume in the ground or water which ultimately causes it to biodegrade naturally.
Our biodegradable remediation formula is made for us by a $6 Billion per year, global biologic company that is well know for enzyme and microbe development.
The microbes used are patented by a scientist in the United States and were developed specifically to be highly resilient biodegradable friendly bacteria that consume hydrocarbons.

Our formula has enzymes and microbes in it that break down and consume the hydrocarbons in Petroleum.

The formula has been Eco Logo approved as a completely biodegradable cleaning product. It breaks the barrier between petroleum and water allowing the water to dilute the petroleum while the microbes and enzymes breakdown and consume the hydrocarbons while dispersing and diluting the petroleum plume.

If you’re trying to clean furnace oil spills, clean diesel fuel spills, clean oil spills, clean gasoline spills, clean grease or any petroleum product from concrete, asphalt, soil, water or fabric, Petro Buster is the Eco Cleaner you’re looking for!

PETRO BUSTER HAS BEEN USED SUCCESSFULLY TO CLEAN UP POLLUTED PHASE II SITES that were recent and very old contamination issues. It is also a great option for economically and non invasively cleaning “Brown Field” properties.
It is the perfect solution for quick response and general cleanup.
We are members of the Canadian Oil Heat Association (COHA) and have been active in helping the “Oil Heat” industry stay ahead of environmental issues.

* The Royal Canadian Navy
* Petroleum Refineries
* Petroleum Distributors
* Remediation Companies
* Members of the Canadian Oil Heat Association
* Members of the Canadian Independent Petroleum Marketers Assoc. (CIPMA)
* many more….

Bill Fligg is the President of Petro Buster Inc.. Bill has over 17 years experience in the petroleum industry. He managed a petroleum business with petroleum products ranging from commercial diesel fuel, gasoline and heating oil. Bill dealt with furnace oil spills, diesel spills, gasoline spills, lawsuits and the environmental authorities. He dealt with all the issues associated to fuel spills. Bill has been involved with the Canadian Oil Heat Association for 17 years and attends the Canadian Independent Petroleum Marketers Association conferences for many years as well.
Bill noticed a remediation company using a formula that looked like soap to clean petroleum spills and researched what it was. The formula was eco friendly, safe to wash your hands with and yet it had microbes in it that naturally biodegraded the hydrocarbons in Petroleum. This is when he wondered why this formula was not readily available to everyone who needed so he branded the formula which is now “Petro Buster” and marketed it around North America so everyone could have access to it. At that time he also used it regularly on his own petroleum spills to reduce the environmental impact of a spill at “THE TIME OF THE INCIDENT” and not wait for politics and bureaucracy to exponentially increase the costs of remediation by waiting for days, sometimes weeks to stop the damage.
By reacting quickly, Bill and his team were able to mitigate many major lawsuits and reduce many claims with this formula.

clean petroleum spill

we are so pleased we are reordering more.

4.0 rating
June 6, 2019

We bought a house were a tenant work on cars in the driveway. The concrete driveway was heavily stain with motor oil. I bought 1 gallon of Petro Buster just to see how well it worked. It was applied several times and there is minimal staining left. After Petro Buster had been applied to the driveway scrubbed and rinsed away there wasn’t an oil sheen on the water like an oil remover would do. The water was clear. The only reason I gave the rating a 4 we are now going to work on the soil, in some spots it is saturated with oil over 14 inches deep. We bought 5 gallons this time. I will let you know well it worked.


Response from Clean Furnace Oil Leaks, Diesel Spills, Gas Leaks, Remediation

Hi Laverne,
Thank you very much for taking the time to give us this review. We are very pleased to hear you had the success we expect from Petro Buster and we are confident that your 2nd order of Petro Buster will do a great job of cleaning your soil as well.
Bill Fligg, President, Petro Buster Inc.

Worked well on an underground tank leak from years ago

5.0 rating
March 8, 2019

We were hired to clean up clients property that was a gas station years ago and had high levels of Hydrocarbons in the ground where the underground tanks were. Other options included digging out all the soil and paying to have it trucked away by an environmental service. We treated the soil with Petro Buster, soaked it well with water afterwards to force the product down into the affected area. Actually the rain we had worked even better. After a few weeks we had another lab test done and it came back below the acceptable level. That made us look good with our client because this approach was much cheaper!

Muneeb Tiwari

Response from Clean Furnace Oil Leaks, Diesel Spills, Gas Leaks, Remediation

Hi Muneeb,
I really enjoyed working with you on this project and find reviewing all the Phase II study details interesting to develop a strategy for treatment. The old school process of digging huge holes and paying a lot of money to have it hauled away is not necessary anymore. With products like Petro Buster, we have the two punch effect where the Surfactant (Soap) is engineered to break the tension in the molecules between Petroleum and Water. It emulsifies the Petroleum and disburses it in water. The more water the more dilution, the lower the Parts Per Million. From there the 2nd punch is the Microbe action where they actually consume the Hydrocarbons as the plume is disbursed. Our product completely biodegrades to water, oxygen and carbon dioxide when done consuming the fractures of Petroleum / Hydrocarbons leaving no trace behind. Go Green Team!
Thanks again for your great review!
Bill Fligg, President, Petro Buster

Great Customer Service Right From The Chat Online To Delivery!

5.0 rating
February 14, 2019

We were looking for a remediation product that could be used to clean a diesel spill in the ground at our Marina at the edge of the water. We found Petro Buster website and it said there was someone available for a Chat. I chatted with them and got all my questions answered right away. We ordered the 5 gal pails of concentrate and it arrived in 3 days through FedEx. We received email updates from both Petro Buster and FedEx until we received it. It has worked great on removing the diesel from the soil and since we have ordered a couple pails to have on hand for emergencies.

Janet Goodman

Response from Clean Furnace Oil Leaks, Diesel Spills, Gas Leaks, Remediation

Hi Janet,
I’m glad you took advantage of our online Chat feature because so many questions arise when people find our website and we can get the answers they need to them immediately as we did with you. I’m glad you were successful using Petro Buster in removing the Diesel Fuel from the Soil at your Marina. It can be stressful having Petroleum in the ground so close to water. Thanks for taking the time to give us a fantastic review and thank you for being a great customer!
Bill Fligg, President, Petro Buster Inc.

Ordered Monday night, arrived Wednesday

5.0 rating
February 5, 2019

I was looking for a product to clean the oil stain in my concrete driveway and this one looked like it would work so I ordered it in the evening on Monday. I received an email from them within 20 minutes saying the order was ready to ship first thing in the morning. They gave me the tracking code so I could get updates until it arrived the 2nd business day later. I was surprised because these guys are in Ontario Canada and I am in New York, United States. Also when I got it as expected it worked great!

Jason Elliott

Response from Clean Furnace Oil Leaks, Diesel Spills, Gas Leaks, Remediation

Hi Jason,
We try very hard to monitor orders 24/7 and will email back right away. Many people call after hours and we call them back at night and on the weekends if they leave a message. When orders come in, if we can get the order delivery set before midnight, it saves 1 day in the process and that is what we did for your order. Thanks for giving us a great review and we’re happy to hear it cleaned your oil stain stain from your concrete driveway.
Bill Fligg, President, Petro Buster Inc.

Removed old Oil stain from Concrete

5.0 rating
January 18, 2019
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I was working on my car in the garage over one year ago and had oil leak on the concrete and stain it. I finally got around to looking for a way to remove the stain. Found Petro Buster and ordered it. The order came fast within a few days. I followed the directions and Oil stain completely removed. The best part is that my wife is not mad at me anymore about it lol

John A

Response from Clean Furnace Oil Leaks, Diesel Spills, Gas Leaks, Remediation

Hi John,
I really appreciate your feedback about Petro Buster! Nice to hear you were able to get the oil stain out of the concrete and keep the peace at home 🙂 Feel free to contact us anytime. Remember Petro Buster can be used to clean a wide variety of things and something you might want to have around the house.
Bill Fligg, President, Petro Buster Inc.