Workplace Soap Could Help with Covid-19

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) and How A Good Foaming Soap Works Well To Neutralize the Virus! The Virus Outer Layer is Like Oil and Petro Buster Breaks Down Oil On Contact!

Consider Petro Buster in Spray Bottles or Bulk to Keep Your Workplace & Home Safe!
Research indicates that the Virus outer layer is like Oil and that a “good” Soap is highly effective at neutralizing this Virus by stripping it’s outer layer off.
We know Petro Buster is highly effective at Breaking Down Oil Fast which causes us to believe it could be highly effective at keeping your Workplace Surfaces clean and safe!
We provide Petro Buster Concentrate in Bulk on our website (1Gal/4L & 5Gal/20L) and you can dilute it with at least 9 parts water to 1 part Petro Buster which makes it approximately only $2 per Quart or Litre which is cheaper than most other cleaning products, far more effective and totally biodegradable.
Because this is a recent outbreak, Petro Buster has not been tested but is a very aggressive Soap and we believe is a great product to use for keeping your work area and home Clean and Safe!
Here is an article that supports this:
Excerpt from article – First up: What is soap?

Soap, Thordarson explains, is common phrase for what chemists call “amphiphiles.” These are molecules that have a dual nature. One end of the molecule is attracted to water and repelled by fats and proteins. The other side of the molecule is attracted to fats and is repelled by water. (If you’re looking out for product labels, the most common soap is “sodium laureth sulfate” — it’s a detergent that’s often mixed with other chemicals to both clean our hands and not damage our skin.)

It’s this dual-nature chemical construction that makes soap so effective. “When you buy a conventional soap, it consists of a mixture of these amphiphiles,” Thordarson explains. And they all do the same thing.

Think about what happens when you pour some olive oil into water. The oil pools up in a mass that floats. “That’s because fats don’t mix with water,” he says. But mix some soap into the oil and water and the oil will disperse. Basically, that happens because the soap is attracted to the grease, via its fat-loving side, but then tears it up, pulling it into the water via its water-loving side. It’s a one-two punch. Surround the oil particles and move them away from one another

Covid-19 Soap

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Search Google for yourself and you will likely feel the same that we do about using Petro Buster for this current situation.