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1Gal / 4L Jug of Petro Buster Concentrate
Makes approximately 5 Gal / 20L when water added 1:4

Equivalent to 5 PreMixed Jugs @ $69 each which is a value of $345 for only $109!

*compare to cleaners in hardware stores @ $9/L – $9/Quart or higher this only cost ~ $5.45 per L or Quart
Plus Petro Buster works and is  environmentally friendly

Recommended dilution ratio 1 part Petro Buster to 4 parts water but can be stretched to 20 parts water for some applications

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5Gal /20L Pail of Petro Buster Concentrate. Makes approximately 25Gal / 100L when water added 1:4

Best Value Volume is equivalent to 5 x 1 gal / 4L Jugs @ $109ea worth $545 for ONLY $369!

Professional Grade Remediation Formula To Clean Petroleum SPills from Soil, Water & Other Surfaces such as Concrete, Stone and Asphalt.

Recommended dilution ratio 1 part Petro Buster to 4 to 20 parts water

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