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Need to Clean Oil Stains or Fuel Smell From Concrete? Remove Petroleum From Concrete With Petro Buster!

Don’t waste your time or money on remedies you are reading about online and buy a Product that was designed for your needs!
These home remedies may cause more damage than good, don’t work and make it more difficult for a good product like Petro Buster to do the job correctly
Clean your Oil Stains with Petro Buster which does the job for very little cost considering the value of your property and how much it bothers you !!

Petro Buster makes Petroleum “Water Soluble” by breaking the tension between Petroleum and Water. This allows it to “emulsify” into water immediately. Imagine, dissolving Petroleum into Water! Then we introduce Microbes that naturally consume the Hydrocarbons in Petroleum. If your requirements are as small as simply cleaning and removing Petroleum from surfaces, to large scale Petroleum Remediation of Soil and Water, Petro Buster can help you quickly and in an Environmentally Friendly Way!

It is a Surfactant “Soap” that has been created by Chemical Engineers with Microbes patented by a Scientist. Developed for the purpose of cleaning and remediating Petroleum, yet it is so safe to handle with a neutral PH that you can wash your hands and clothes with it!

This formula was a “trade secret” for many years being used by the Remediation industry and now we bring it to you, everyone and anyone that needs access to such a great product as “Petro Buster”.

Remediation Product

Works great on Concrete, Asphalt, Stone, Brick, Siding and other surfaces!

remove oil stain from concrete, asphalt, stone, driveway, parking lot

Remediation Product Clean Spills

Petro Buster is highly effective at Removing Oil Stains from Concrete, Asphalt, Stone, Brick and many other surfaces. If you have oil stains in your driveway, garage, parking lot or other areas, Petro Buster is highly effective at removing these Oil Stains. Inquire about your stain if not listed here.

remove oil stains from concrete, asphalt, stone, driveway, parking lotPetro Buster is an organic soap / cleaning compound with enzymes and microbes that can quickly remove an oil stain from concrete surfaces. Our powerful formula can quickly break down and remove Oil Stains. Remove those unwanted eyesore Oil Stains!.

It doesn’t just remove the Oil Stain from the Concrete and other surfaces. The powerful enzymes and microbes break it down and remove it completely from the environment by breaking the barrier between Oil and Water, this formula lifts the Oil right out of the Concrete. Any Oil that will not lift out of the Concrete will break down as the formula works its way into the concrete and break down the Oil embedded in the concrete.

It is a specially engineered organic Soap that is designed to break the surface tension between Oil and Water. It is an engineered Soap with Enzymes and Microbes that break down the Oil and when scrubbed, lift it from hard surfaces such as Concrete, Asphalt and Stone.

The microbes used are patented by a scientist in the United States. It was developed specifically to be ‘highly resilient biodegradable friendly bacteria’ that consume hydrocarbons in Petroleum and is safe to use even to wash oil from your clothes! Also Septic & Laundry Safe!

Although, Petro Buster is a powerful Oil Stain Remover, it is designed to be an Eco-Friendly Petroleum Remediation product that is used on Petroleum Pollution in the ground and water.  Petro Buster is also a great Eco Degreaser that is used in Garages and Shops instead of toxic solvents and parts cleaners.

clean petroleum spill

How to use Petro Buster to Remove Oil Stain from Concrete, Asphalt, Stone, Brick & Other Surfaces?

How To Remove Oil Stains & Fuel Smell from Concrete:

  1. Verify amount needed by estimating how much water would cover your area effected. Generally it requires at least 1 gallon of mix for each 10SqFt of Concrete.
  2. Dilute 1 part Petro Buster with 4 parts water
  3. Pour on Oil stain on Concrete – liberally
  4. Scrub firmly with stiff bristle brush until it starts foaming
  5. Keep scrubbing until foam turns brown. That is the surface Oil being removed from the Concrete
  6. Rinse away with fresh water
  7. Repeat 1 to 4 above and then let the product dry in Concrete
  8. You should see the Oil stain fade and go away over next couple hours as it dries
  9. You can wet the area with water to re-activate the Petro Buster and you can ad more Petro Buster if needed and continue this process until clean

How To Remove Oil Stains from Asphalt:

  1. Verify amount needed by estimating how much water would cover your stain(s)
  2. Dilute 1 part Petro Buster with 4 parts water
  3. Spray or pour on Oil stain on Asphalt
  4. Scrub firmly with stiff bristle brush until it starts foaming
  5. Keep scrubbing until foam turns brown. That is the Oil being removed from the Asphalt
  6. Rinse away with fresh water
  7. Let dry and view area and if there is any stain left, repeat steps 1 to 6 above
  8. You should see the more difficult stains fade away over a few days. Rain and Sun will help once Petro Buster has been introduced to the Oil and weakened it’s bond to the Asphalt
  9. Asphalt is made with Petroleum tar called Bitumen and Petro Buster will make it come up like new and very black during the process of extracting the oil from the tar. For a short period that area being cleaned may look very black like new asphalt instead of dirty brown from the oil. This will dry and fade back to normal with sun exposure and in time will match the remainder of your driveway, wiothout the stain.

clean petroleum spill
Read Our Customer Reviews

Diesel Spill!! It worked!!!

February 29, 2024

Fuel line rotted of the bottom of my tractor Diesel tank. Roughly 4 gallons of diesel leaked into crushed stone in my driving shed. I was unaware until the smell of diesel was unbearable for for 100’s of feet around the driving shed. Upon investigation found the leak. we are not far from water and a well so we searched for a solution. we found Petro Buster and Bill explained how we should apply it for best results. With in a day the smell was diminished to only close to the shed. By day 4 no smell anywhere. we also washed down the tractor with the mix and a scrub brush. The tractor is cleaner than we’ve ever seen it and it doesn’t smell of spilled diesel anymore either!! We continue to stir the stone and soil monitoring for signs of diesel smell so we can reapply if required but have not found the need.Can’t imagine what other remedies could have cost. This is a great product from our experience!! Will always have some on hand now. Thanks Petro Buster!!


Response from Clean Furnace Oil Leaks, Diesel Spills, Gas Leaks, Remediation

Hi Scott, this is an awesome story and thanks for sharing it. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you on this project. I am always thrilled to hear our customers success stories about how Petro Buster was successful at remediating Diesel spilled in the ground, and how it quickly removes the Diesel smell. Thanks again for taking the time to provide this review, it’s much appreciated!! Bill Fligg / President Petro Buster Inc.

Something that can actually get diesel smell out of clothes

January 6, 2024

If you’re like me and work with diesel but cannot stand the smell of it when it gets into your clothes this product is the first product I’ve ever found to actually remove the smell. Awesome product.


Response from Clean Furnace Oil Leaks, Diesel Spills, Gas Leaks, Remediation

Hi Jason, we are so happy to hear you are pleased with how Petro Buster worked in removing the fuel smell from your clothes. It removes fuel odor from carpets in houses and vehicles as well. Also does a great job of removing Heating Oil smell from houses. Thanks again for taking the time to give this review, much appreciated! Bill Fligg / President Petro Buster Inc.


December 5, 2023

I had a serious home fuel oil tank leak in my basement about a month ago. Additionally, there was oil spilled outside on the ground and on my cement patio. The mess and smell seemed insurmountable. After much time spent researching products to clean and deodorize I found Petro Buster–the only product that actually breaks down the oil molecule and destroys it. I contacted the owner of this company (Bill) who took the time to answer my questions, help determine quantity needed AND helped expedite my order. He was right–the smell was gone after the FIRST application and after using as he directed, the oil has dissipated! I owe Bill my utmost gratitude as I thought my home would be contaminated forever. Don’t bother with green stuff, purple stuff or Dawn soap. This product works beautifully and is worth every penny I spent. Thank you, Bill for your excellent customer service and for making this product available to anyone who needs it–not only for your customers but for the environment as well. I will always be grateful for this product and your help.

Renae L. Zumwalt

Response from Clean Furnace Oil Leaks, Diesel Spills, Gas Leaks, Remediation

Hi Renae, it is great to hear your success story using Petro Buster to clean up your Heating Oil leak and how fast it worked on eliminating the Fuel Smell. I do my best as the owner of the company to provide personal care for our customers who are most definitely distressed about their fuel spill situations. I will always take the time to listen to my customer’s situation at hand, think through the appropriate remedy and then help provide a successful plan of action. And the success of your actions with our product, gives me the greatest joy as a business owner! We really appreciate your kind words and effort you took to post this review, it means a lot to us! Thanks again, Bill Fligg / President Petro Buster Inc.

Fixed the fuel leak in our home.

August 4, 2023

We recently had diesel fuel leak from our furnace into our home! The smell was terrible. Two quick and easy treatments with Petro Buster and the smell was gone. Great product. Works as advertised.

Tom Nicholson

Response from Clean Furnace Oil Leaks, Diesel Spills, Gas Leaks, Remediation

Hi Tom, it is great to read this review and learn of your success remediating the heating oil leak at your home in Italy. Also happy to hear that it removed the fuel smell quickly as promised. It was also quite interesting to have an opportunity to send this to Italy and have your contractor learn about it. I appreciate your faith in our Product after our discussion about your situation on the phone. I hope your Contractor in Italy is impressed after having tried other things that did not work and did not have to dig out half your house to remove it. Thanks again for this review, much appreciated! Bill Fligg / President Petro Buster Inc.

Great and not just for fuel spills

July 17, 2023

Hi, I bought Petro Buster for a diesel spill from the garbage truck. It worked great. Then after talking to owner Bill, I used it to remove black marks from a golf shirt that nothing else worked. Then I used it to remove beer stain from carpet that nothing else worked. Thanks

Steve Gallick

Response from Clean Furnace Oil Leaks, Diesel Spills, Gas Leaks, Remediation

Hi Steve, I love this story and really appreciate you sharing it! This really is a testament to how diverse Petro Buster is at cleaning more than just Petroleum. We have people that use it on work clothes to remove Diesel and Oils, plus others use it to remove stains like Red Wine on carpets which I have no idea exactly why or how it works on Red Wine but truly interesting cleaning product. Hard to believe the range of use from cleaning and remediating Crude Oil, Diesel and Gas soil contaminations and Hard Surface stain removal of Petroleum, elminates Fuel Odors on contact and more. All the Best and thanks again! Bill Fligg / President


If you need to remove an Oil Stain from Concrete or any other surfaces, we can help you!

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