Return & Refund Policy

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Return & Refund Policy

Option 1 – No Returns or Exchanges:

  • We do not accept returns or exchanges for any reason because;
    • shipping the product back to us is cost-prohibitive
    • since it has dormant microbes, we can not know if you have added water to the product and rehydrated them
    • we don’t know if you allowed it to freeze or overheat causing adverse effects to its efficacy.
  • If you wish to discuss this with us please email [email protected] and we will review each case as the details are evaluated.

Option 2 – Refunds Permitted:

  • We will refund a purchase that has not shipped yet.
  • We will refund a purchase if you wish to change your order size and the original order has not shipped yet.
  • We will consider other extenuating circumstances for refund, to be evaluated on the details you provide us
  • For refunds, contact us at [email protected]

You Can Also Call Us Directly To Discuss Your Request: 1-877-734-8204