What does it clean

Eco-Friendly | Biodegradable | Works Quickly | Ships Fast!

Cleans Petroleum Spills From Soil, Water,
Concrete, Asphalt, Stone, Fabrics and more..

  • Clean Furnace Oil spills
  • Clean gasoline spills
  • Clean diesel spills
  • Clean motor oil spills
  • Clean hydraulic fluid spills

Cleans Grease, Oil & Grime From Equipment
In Eco Friendly Way – Residue Cleans Itself In Ground!

  • Cleans Excavator
  • Cleans Trucks
  • Cleans Heavy Equipment and more…

Parts Cleaner Application

  • Use in parts cleaner instead of solvents and pour down shop drain when done

Cleans Stains From Many Surfaces

  • Cleans Black Soot From Furnace Oil On Carpets, Walls etc
  • Cleans Black Soot From Wood Stoves On Carpets, Walls, etc.

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