What does it clean

Eco-Friendly | Biodegradable | Works Quickly | Ships Fast!

Cleans Petroleum Spills From Soil, Water,
Concrete, Asphalt, Stone, Fabrics and more..

  • Clean Furnace Oil spills
  • Clean gasoline spills
  • Clean diesel spills
  • Clean motor oil spills
  • Clean hydraulic fluid spills

Cleans Grease, Oil & Grime From Equipment
In Eco Friendly Way – Residue Cleans Itself In Ground!

  • Cleans Excavator
  • Cleans Trucks
  • Cleans Heavy Equipment and more…

Parts Cleaner Application

  • Use in parts cleaner instead of solvents and pour down shop drain when done

Cleans Stains From Many Surfaces

  • Cleans Black Soot From Furnace Oil On Carpets, Walls etc
  • Cleans Black Soot From Wood Stoves On Carpets, Walls, etc.

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Great Customer Service Right From The Chat Online To Delivery!

5.0 rating
February 14, 2019

We were looking for a remediation product that could be used to clean a diesel spill in the ground at our Marina at the edge of the water. We found Petro Buster website and it said there was someone available for a Chat. I chatted with them and got all my questions answered right away. We ordered the 5 gal pails of concentrate and it arrived in 3 days through FedEx. We received email updates from both Petro Buster and FedEx until we received it. It has worked great on removing the diesel from the soil and since we have ordered a couple pails to have on hand for emergencies.

Janet Goodman

Response from Clean Furnace Oil Leaks, Diesel Spills, Gas Leaks, Remediation

Hi Janet,
I’m glad you took advantage of our online Chat feature because so many questions arise when people find our website and we can get the answers they need to them immediately as we did with you. I’m glad you were successful using Petro Buster in removing the Diesel Fuel from the Soil at your Marina. It can be stressful having Petroleum in the ground so close to water. Thanks for taking the time to give us a fantastic review and thank you for being a great customer!
Bill Fligg, President, Petro Buster Inc.

It cleaned up our mess outside from oil tank leak

5.0 rating
January 16, 2019
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We heat with oil and our tank outside leaked in the ground. We had a smell in the house and noticed the oil found it’s way to the basement in the sump. It smelled really strong like diesel fuel in the house and could not stand to be in there. We found the Petro Buster website and called for information. The person from Petro Buster had a lot of experience with oil spills from having worked in the industry and explained it probably went down into our weeping tile and then back in to the house from there. We were told to get the larger pail, dilute it with 4 parts water and pour it around the same area that the oil leaked outside and then run a garden hose on it until we saw the suds coming into our sump in the basement. We did exactly what they said and within an hour it had come through to the sump. Immediately the smell went away. Since then we dug a few holes and do not smell oil in the ground either. We are happy customers because that was a horrible experience and could have cost thousands to clean up. I would recommend Petro Buster to anyone in this type of situation.

Elizabeth Campbell

Response from Clean Furnace Oil Leaks, Diesel Spills, Gas Leaks, Remediation

Hi Elizabeth,
I really appreciate your feedback about Petro Buster. As you know from our conversation on the phone I do really take an interest in my customers situation and enjoy being able to use my 15+ years in the Petroleum Industry to be able to help, I’m glad everything worked out well for you. Feel free to contact us anytime. Remember Petro Buster can be used to clean a wide variety of things and something you might want to have around the house.
Bill Fligg, President, Petro Buster Inc.

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